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 7 Mesmerizing Hill Stations Near Hyderabad Waiting To Be Explored

Visitors can enjoy a variety of year-round adventures in Hyderabad, the city of Nizams. But now is the perfect moment to leave the busy city and travel somewhere to find comfort and avoid the unbearable heat, since summer is coming to an end. For a weekend getaway in the hills coming up, what could be better? Take a rejuvenating weekend vacation to some of the unique hill stations that are close to Hyderabad.
7 Best Hill Stations Near Hyderabad
Looking to escape Hyderabad’s hustle? Explore popular hill stations after a ravishing city tour with Self Drive Cars. With Zero Deposit & Unlimited Kilometers, our rental services ensure a hassle-free journey. Relax and rejuvenate on a refreshing hill vacation. Check out the best nearby destinations for a summer retreat! 

1. Nagarjuna Sagar

When Hyderabad’s heat is too much to handle, nothing quite beats the cool respite of water. The three hills that envelop Hyderabad, together with the magnificent Nagarjuna Sagar Dam and its gushing waters via twelve gates, provide for a lovely getaway even though Hyderabad isn’t exactly a hill station. Situated about 200 kilometers from Hyderabad, this destination’s natural charms bring thousands of tourists here every year, making it one of the best places to visit in the Telangana region.

Perfect for a quick trip of one or two days, it’s just 164 km from Hyderabad. The closest train station, Macherla, is about three hours’ drive from Hyderabad, whence one can take a direct train to Nagarjuna Sagar. 

Enjoy the breathtaking views of the dam, which are framed by the nearby mountains and rivers, once you arrive. A peaceful experience can be had by taking a boat ride to the island that is tucked away in the Nagarjunakonda Valley, between the Nagarjunakonda Mountains. Don’t pass up the opportunity to tour the museum’s vast collection of historic Buddha temples. The lovely sight of flowing waterfalls is guaranteed at Ethipothala Waterfalls, a mesmerizing display of natural beauty.  

2. Srisailam

Experience the magical hill station close to Hyderabad, steeped in religious significance and providing an enthralling drive to temples and mysterious caverns where the spirit of India’s spiritual legacy is evident. Located on the calm banks of the Krishna River, this site has temples, a wildlife sanctuary, and a picturesque dam that is worth exploring. Offering a variety of exhilarating athletic experiences, it distinguishes itself as a refuge for adventure seekers. 

Take a 2-day trip to this peaceful retreat, which is only 212 km from Hyderabad, for the perfect weekend escape. With buses linking Srisailam to Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Guntur, and Kurnool, transportation is easy and takes about 4 hours. After making the winding drive through the forest, arrive and immerse yourself in the spiritual aura of the Ista Kameswari Temple, which provides a restorative experience. Don’t pass up the opportunity to take a captivating ropeway ride to the Akkamahadevi Caves, where you will be astounded by the deep, 80-foot tunnels’ intense darkness.

With an average cost of about INR 800, this adventure is affordable for those on a tight budget and guarantees a worthwhile experience without breaking the bank. This hill station in Hyderabad offers the ideal balance of calm and excitement for any traveler, whether they are looking for spiritual serenity, heart-pounding thrills, or just a peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

3. Lonavala

Travelers from Hyderabad looking for a tranquil getaway are drawn to Lonavala, a charming hill town tucked away in the Pune district of Maharashtra. Nestled amidst lush valleys, it accommodates both intimate getaways and family holidays. Chikki, a delicious candy made with nuts and jaggery, is well-known for being produced in Lonavala. The ancient Buddhist sanctuaries Karla Caves and Bhaja Caves, which are crafted painstakingly from enormous rocks and include majestic pillars and elaborate relief sculptures, are two of its most famous sights.

Consider spending two days in Lonavala, which is just 626 kilometers from Hyderabad, for the perfect getaway. You can explore medieval shrines, trek through stunning landscapes, have leisurely picnics, visit Visapur Fort, Duke’s Nose Peak, Walwan Dam, Bhushi Dam, and Ekvira Devi Temple, among many other activities, while you’re in Lonavala. Lonavala offers visitors a serene embrace of an enriching experience because of its natural beauty and rich cultural diversity.

4. Yelagiri Hills

Tamil Nadu’s Yelagiri is a hill village. This less frequented but perfect hill station close to Hyderabad is surrounded by verdant hills, has lovely weather, and offers captivating beautiful vistas. This peaceful hill community is sprinkled with fourteen tribal settlements and is still largely unexplored, making it the perfect getaway for those who love the outdoors. Nestled on top of one of these wooded hills is the Velavan Temple, a tranquil haven devoted to Lord Murugan that has been a sight to behold since its founding in 1964.

The stunning Punganur Lake and the jaw-dropping Jalagamparai Waterfalls must be seen on a trip to Yelagiri. The charming fountain at the center of this man-made reservoir, which is well-known for its picturesque boat rides, adds to the attraction of the area around it. Families can relax at the six-acre Children’s Park, while those who love the outdoors can discover the variety of plants and animals at the Nature Park, which has a lovely garden and an aquarium full of fish and turtles.

Two days is the suggested length of stay for vacationers who want to thoroughly experience Yelagiri’s peace and beauty. Though Yelagiri Hills is not reachable by train, travelers can take a picturesque trip from Hyderabad to the closest train station in Chittoor, which is about 86 kilometers away, and then take a bus or taxi from there to Yelagiri Hills.

5. Lambasingi

Lambasingi is a hidden gem that is sometimes referred to as the Kashmir of South India if you’re looking for hills close to Hyderabad. Due to the chance of snowfall during South India’s winter, it’s the perfect place to escape the summer heat. It’s the ideal destination for a day trip, situated roughly 571 kilometers from Hyderabad.

It is better to take a train to Visakhapatnam and then rent a taxi for the remaining distance to Lambasingi from Hyderabad. Enjoy the tranquil beauty of this undiscovered hill station once you arrive. You can visit the historic pepper and coffee estates that date back to the British era and engage in outdoor activities like camping.

Lambasingi is a great option for a weekend getaway from Hyderabad because it provides a peaceful haven amidst the natural world.

6. Horsley Hills

Discover serene Horsley Hills, which offers some of the most amazing views of the outdoors, as a peaceful haven from the rush of the city. It is among the most tranquil destinations for a restful weekend, and it is only 150 kilometers from Hyderabad. Surrounded by the largest banyan tree in the world, Horsley Hills is even more alluring due to its rich biodiversity.

Start engaging in a variety of activities as soon as you arrive. Take a hike to the top of the hill to get sweeping views of the surroundings. Discover this wildlife enthusiast’s paradise, the Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary and Elephant Reserve. Take advantage of your chance to behold the majesty of the largest banyan tree in the world, Thimmamma Marrimanu. Sail across Lake Gangotri for a relaxing experience.

For a glimpse into the history and culture of the area, families with kids can visit the Horsley Hills Museum. Horsley Hills ensures an amazing experience for everyone, whether they choose to trek, camp, go zorbing, or just take in the breathtaking scenery.

7. Chikmagalur

There is a faint but seductive smell of freshly brewed coffee in the air as you approach Chikmagalur. Welcome to this calm stroll amid its verdant coffee farms. This region is known for being the nation’s greatest producer of coffee. The strong aroma of coffee will fill your mornings at estates with guest rooms, even though some may not provide guided tours.

Chikmagalur is about 646.3 kilometers from Hyderabad and offers the perfect two-day getaway. You have two ways to get to this peaceful oasis. You can fly into Mangalore from Hyderabad and then get a self-drive automobile from Long Drive automobile Rentals to go to Chikmagalur. Another option is to board the Kacheguda Express train, which would take you to Bangalore. From there, hassle-free self-drive car services are provided by Long Drive Car Rentals, guaranteeing that your trip will have no deposits and an unlimited number of miles.

Discover the serene beauty and calmness of the hill stations close to Hyderabad for a restorative vacation. Every site offers an exceptional experience, whether it’s because of its abundant vegetation. Your trip is made even more pleasurable and hassle-free by the ease of self-drive automobiles, which offer limitless kilometers and zero deposit. Once your belongings are ready, get out on a journey that will lead you to unforgettable experiences and stunning scenery. 

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